Artist Statement

Much like most, my adolescence was a strange mix of anxiety and anticipation within small-town suburbia. The internal trials of growing up often left me desiring to be an adult. The nighttime street quickly became a sanctuary for me to find an escape. Being in that space allowed for enlightenment and understanding. The plea for adulthood was subdued by the church choir of passing cars, the pitched concrete mimicked stain glass windows and the melodic prayers that were muffled by the sound of my skateboard.  

Now, I often find myself slipping into day-dreams of that similar season and wishing I could go back. In hindsight, my past anxieties were trite; yet seemingly beautiful in their simplicity. The suburban night is still my place of escape, but now it is filled with the plea for youth. This tension is the prelude for Pretty Pleas.

I shared the gallery with Adam Nienow's show: Intersection. See more