Fullerton Free Brand Book

I was hired on the Fullerton Free team to rebrand their logo, look, and feel. This rebrand was a fresh start, top-to-bottom.

  • Official statement for the Fullerton Free rebrand.

    Over the years, we have used many different forms of verbal shorthand to introduce the First Evangelical Free Church of Fullerton. Whether called EvFree, Fullerton Free, FEFCF, E-Free or Big Pizza Hut, we have remained the same community of people focused on God’s glory, the advance of His Kingdom and the study of His word. But whichever nickname we choose to use, our visual identity serves as a marker of who we are to ourselves, our neighbors and our world. While other organizations make much of their “logo,” we seek to use an intentionally minimal approach to draw attention away from ourselves and better reveal Christ and the effect of His work among us. As basic as a type treatment, the simplicity of our new look is rich in meaning. We see our logotype as a “through-line” – a mark that ties together our past, present, and future in the community, while specifically envisioning the ministries and vision we have today. Our entire visual identity is based on a set of values established to convey Jesus, family, sanctuary, timelessness, honesty, and diversity.